“His Name Is Jesus” 


Who He Is and What He is in the New Testament. Is He any of this to you?




In Matthew — He is King of the Jews

 Mark — He is the Servant

 Luke — He is the Son of Man, feeling what you feel

 John — the Son of God

 Acts — the Savior of the World

 Romans — the Righteousness of God

 1 Corinthians— The Rock that followed Israel

 2 Corinthians — The Triumphant One giving victory

 Galatians — He is your liberty He sets you Free

 Ephesians — He is the Head of the Church

 Philippians — He is your Joy

 Colossians — He is your Completeness

 1 & 2 Thessalonians  He is your Hope

 1 Timothy — He is your Faith

 2 Timothy — He is your Stability

 Titus — He is Truth

 Philemon — He is your Benefactor

 Hebrews — He is your Perfection

 James — He is the Power behind your Faith

 1Peter He is your Example

 2 Peter — He is your Purity

 1 John — He is your Life

 2 John — He is your Pattern

 3 John — He is your Motivation

 Jude — The Foundation of your Faith

 Revelation — He is your coming King, He the first and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

He is Keeper of Creation and the Creator of All. He is the Architect of the Universe and the manager of all time. He always was, He always is and He always will be, unmoved, unchanged, undefeated and never undone.

He was bruised and brought healing; He was pierced and knew pain. He was persecuted and brought freedom; He was dead and brought life. He IS risen and brings power, He reigns and brings Peace.

The world doesn’t understand Him, Armies can’t defeat Him, schools can’t explain Him and Leaders can’t ignore Him. Herod couldn’t kill Him, the Pharisees couldn’t confuse Him, and the people couldn’t hold Him. Nero couldn’t crush Him, Hitler couldn’t silence Him, the New Age can’t replace Him and Ophra … can’t explain Him away.

He is Life, Love, Longevity and Glory. He is Goodness, Kindness, Gentleness and God. He is Holy, Righteous, Mighty, Powerful and Pure.

His Ways are Right, His Word is Eternal. His will is unchanging and His mind … is on ME.

He is My Redeemer,   He is My Savior, He is My God, He is My Peace     He is My Joy, He is My Comfort , He is My Lord He rules My Life.

* If you would like Scripture references for these facts, simply let us know.

Is He any of this to you?

— Submitted by Art Phinney, Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel Valley Springs


Pastor Art Phinney. Committed his life to Jesus Christ at age 27. Grew in his faith through age 33. Served the Lord in pastoral ministry in an assisting capacity from age 33-35. Attended 2 years school of ministry Costa Mesa California. 1996-1998. Began as senior pastor CCVS 1999.
 Art Gross
Art Gross ("AJ") has been in the military, worked in law enforcement, Higher Ed, and I.T. He has been an "elder" at CCVS for about three years now and serves the Lord and is deeply involved with Men's ministry and Congregational Care at CCVS and in his day to day life. He has attended the School of Pastoral Ministry  through Calvary Chapel Manteca and is con-currently working as a Project Manager for a large financial institution.